No More Super Swing Tuesdays

This post is long overdue.

Aside from all the social distancing and all businesses shutting down temporarily, many of you have noticed that Super Swing Tuesdays is no more.

We’ve had an amazing run and the idea would be to eventually bring it back to some capacity. But finding space seems to be the difficult thing. Brix had an amazing bar, kitchen, staff and food. But maybe not the best learning environment. We moved to Peak performing arts center. There was almost the complete opposite. Great floor, wonderful space, great location, and also terrific staff. But we lost the social atmosphere and ability to hold a social dance.

Before the social distancing we were having really great success with our bimonthly Firehouse dances. Day long intensives with evening sessions. We will for sure continue those once we’re allowed to return to normal activity.

But all in all this was to inform all of you that we currently don’t have a Tuesday Class and social anymore. But I still have all the wonderful memories we cherished and all the new friendships we’ve made and all the old friendships we’ve strengthened. I know we all still consider the Super Swing Tuesdays crew family as we still have the Facebook group, we still use that name for our tables at events and still post happenings in that group and my Instagram.

This is all really a thank you as well. Thank you to everyone who’s come out to support the dances and lessons. Thank you to those that have help support and build a local community. Thank you to the wonderful individuals and businesses that have help make this special group happen. Thank you Brix, thank you Peak, and thank you Paramus Firehouse.

Stay tuned and updated when we can fast forward past all of this. Maybe SST family will return.

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