New Update for December 2018

Who: Anyone interested in learning West Coast Swing with Arjay!

What: Two fun classes every week to continue your WCS growth
When: Every Tuesday Night Beginner Class @7:00 Intermediate/Advanced Class @7:45 both classes are 45 min long followed with an OPEN practice dance session included with class price
Where: PEAK Performance Arts Center
Why: We want to have a fun party every week to dance with our friends
Price: $15 for one lesson + $20 for two, $5 for Students with School ID



Info for NEW Dancers:

Music: West Coast Swing is a captivating dance that can be danced to many genres of music. Traditionally WCS was danced to Blues; And while we still dance to Blues music… we also dance to RnB, Hip Hop, Country, Pop, Top 40 and more. The social dance will consist of a variety of music played on the dance circuit around the world as well as Arjay’s personal favorites.  You can find some examples here.

Shoes: Special shoes are not required but dance shoes do help. They’re a good investment if you’re planning on doing this more regularly. Rubber Soles are not ideal but doable for first timers. Suede or leather soles are best. (But a lot of dancers wear Toms®) Make sure your shoes are comfortable and secure. Followers, you won’t want a shoe that comes off your heel… Rest assured though you’re going to love this dance so much… you’ll be on your feet a lot!

Tips:  Social dancing is one very good way for your dancing to get better! Stick around after the lesson to practice and meet new people. Arjay will spend time every week reviewing the previous week’s pattern. Want to review and practice? Keep checking back here because Arjay will post recap videos covering a short summary of what was taught from week to week. Be sure to follow Arjay on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to stay up to date with this new fun night of dancing.

More Tips: West Coast Swing is a long term gratification dance. Like learning to play an instrument. You must learn the mechanics of partnering and familiarize yourself with the patterns. Once you get the feel of it, you can start to play more and create more with the more you learn. So you really have to stick with it and keep practicing as regularly as possible.

Questions: Email, Text, Call, FB Message Arjay or Bridget right away and we will get back to you!

5 comments on Super Swing Tuesday

  1. Heather Shafi

    Hi Arjay. I was emailed this flyer from Kristen Shaw who said you trained her in the past. I am interested in coming to the beginner class on Tuesday with some friends. Do we need to sign up in advance or should we just come a few minutes early? Thanks!

    1. Arjay

      Hey Heather,
      Looking forward to meeting you and your friends on Tuesdays. No need to sign up in advanced. We don’t have any preregistration. You can come in a little before the lesson to check in. Then during the intermediate lesson at 8 you can stick around and enjoy dinner and stick around for the dance in the evening to practice what you’ve learned.

  2. mark russomanno

    I’d like to register for intensive in Kearny

    1. Arjay

      Hey Mark,
      We’re looking for another date to set up in Jersey. Stay tuned and we’ll have one up and running very soon. Thank you for your continued support and interest in the intensive. In the meantime, make sure you’re signed up for the mailing list for all the info. See you on the floor.

  3. Danielle

    Hey Arjay. Interested in the Tuesday class and party and will you please add me to your list and keep me up to date? Looking forward to it. Danielle

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