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Arjay's entire life has been dedicated to the exploration of art and music. For 17 years Arjay toured the world as a classical violinist before traveling the world as a dance professional. He studied music and also graduated with a degree in Art and Graphic Design, a passion he shares with his wife. Searching for more in music and the arts, Arjay pursued his hobby and love of dance and turned it into a successful career. There are not many dances Arjay doesn't know. He currently travels the world performing, teaching, choreographing, judging, mentoring dancers as well as deejaying and emceeing some of the biggest events in the world.

Mission Statement

Dance to me is about personal growth, inspiring others, developing perspective and insight through artistic expression, establishing an internal connection as well as creating memorable experiences. Through performance, teaching, social dancing and mentoring I am committed to artistic excellence as well as to promote positivity, creativity, musicality, expression and the longevity of our craft. My students' experience in all types of dance is important to me and I hope to be a part of them experiencing dance in their lives in the most positive and joyful way.

Achievements & Awards

Arjay is an accomplished West Coast Swing Champion of Classic, Showcase, Jack and Jill, Teams and Strictly Swing Divisions. His most memorable accomplishments include winning Showcase at Grand Nationals, winning Classic at America’s Classic, winning Invitational Jack and Jill at Phoenix, winning Champions Strictly and Teams at the US Open. One of Arjay's most recent accomplishments is being awarded The Crystal Boot Award for Best Advanced Choreography for a line dance with world renowned line dance champion & choreographer Rachael McEnaney.

DVDsArjay @ home

Double Trouble 2

DOUBLE TROUBLE VOL. 2 Leading two followers - the tricky stuff. Once you've learned the basics for Double Trouble, this installment offers many of the fun patterns you can do to transition from formation to formation seamlessly and effortlessly.  You will learn to take patterns, combine them and really test your multitasking skills. Price:  $40.00 (plus S&H) Credit Card           PayPal

Double Trouble 1

DOUBLE TROUBLE VOL. 1 Leading two followers is easier than it looks.   In this first installment of Double Trouble, the main focus of this DVD is to show leaders how to isolate the technique of leading one follower and adding another follower effortlessly. By learning these techniques, not only will you have fun leading two followers at once, but you will notice improvement in your one to one dancing.…

Secret Sauce

SECRET SAUCE Many good teachers have a priority list when it comes to partnering dance mechanics. Learn more about West Coast Swing from a different perspective with this video as it breaks down my teaching philosophy and highlights some essential elements for good West Coast Swing.   Price: $40.00 (plus S&H) Credit Card           PayPal

Practicing on Your Own

PRACTICING ON YOUR OWN West Coast Swing can be one of the hardest dances to learn ...  especially without a partner.  This video covers some unique drills that can help dancers practice at home without a partner. Highlighting important elements all dancers should know, followers will understand how to be more proactive and less reactive when following and leaders can really focus on core movement to improve leading skills.  …
"Arjay offers everyone something to work on, regardless of skill level (and keeps me interested!) I’m sure it isn’t easy to be teaching on multiple levels simultaneously, but you do it well and it’s appreciated!"
Pricilla Christie — Boston, Massachusetts

Arjay's FeaturedVideo / Songof the week

If you haven’t figured it out already, I have been dancing with the wonderful Malia San Nicolas from Southern California. Here is one of our favorite competition dances in the last few months. We can’t wait to continue to share with all of you the magic of our unique partnership. Stay tuned for more.


Arjay and Malia Strictly competition

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  1. Delia Emmons

    Love the website, Arjay, and love, love, love the song and video. If I had to describe your dance style, I guess I’d say “Wild Abandon!” Keep it coming!

  2. Carol craven

    Loved the video with Rachael and you. What a great team

  3. Judy Arnold

    Love the video. So smooth and with the music.

  4. Jody Dougherty

    Hi RJ, I was in your workshops last weekend with Angela McCabe and I’m looking for links for the work that we did and the songs that we dance to. Thanks so much in advance.

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"You always worked with me as if I had no limitations, which was amazing considering my hip surgeries. You trusted my ability to move in ways I didn’t."
Brooke Frances

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