Classes / Music / Dancing / Social Hangouts / DJ Battles / Dance Videos / Drills / Choreography / West Coast Swing / Jazz / Ballet / Hip-Hop / Solo Movement / Stretch / Yoga

All Geared Towards Providing You A Healthy, Fun, And Tailored Experience To Get You Moving, Learning & Interacting In Your Home!

When Supporting Virtual Westie Fest, Please Know That We Are A Profit Sharing Event & All Of Our Pros Receive A Percentage Of The Event.  All Ticket Sales Go Into A General Pot And Each Pro Will Receive Their Percentage Will Full Transparency.

1 Hour Classes With A 30 Minute Break After Each Class!

Track 1 Everyday @ 10am = BODY’n’MIND
Track 2 Everyday @ 11:30am = SOLO – JAZZ & BALLET
Track 3 Everyday @ 1:00pm = SOLO – WCS – DRILLS & TECH
Track 4 Everyday @ 2:30pm = SOLO – WCS CHOREO
Track 5 Everyday @ 4:00pm = PARTNERED – WCS CHOREO
Track 6 Everyday @ 5:30pm = SOLO – HIP HOP

FRI @ 7:00pm = Social Hangout, Dancing, DJ Battle Round # 1
SAT @ 7:00pm = Social Hangout, Dancing, DJ Battle Round # 2
SUN @ 7:00pm = Cocktails & Video Dive W/ Brandi, Alyssa! & Malia (BAM TV!)

A Variety Of Ticket Options And Scholarships Available:
– Buy ONE TRACK = 3 Classes At The Same Time Each Day.
– Buy MULTIPLE TRACKS = Discounts For Buying Multiple Tracks.
– Buy WEEKEND PASS And Get Access To All The Classes AND Videos Emailed To You Of All The Classes!

Community Quarantine Video Project! = If You Have Taken Any Of The Choreography Classes, You Will Be Given The Option To Send Us Videos Of You Doing The Choreography By The Wednesday Following The Event! We Will Edit All The Videos Together And Create Group Community Videos Of All Of You Doing Choreography!

Friday & Saturday Nights = Both Nights Come Join Us For Either Just A Group Hang Online While Listening To The DJ Battle Or Dance To Your Hearts Content! So Grab A Cocktail, Chat Away, Or Cut A Rug!

Sunday = Champions Brandi Guild, Malia San Nicolas & Alyssa Glanville Will By Your VDJs, Hosts And Mixologists… So Grab A Cocktail Of Your Own Or Follow Their Recipes…. Strap In… Hit The Couch… And Hang With Them As They Share Their Screens And Take You On A Journey!

Starting 3 Weeks Before The Event, We Kicked Off Our DJ Battle! Anyone, Even Without A Ticket Can Vote In Prelims. We Will Be Posting A New Entry By Our DJs Twice Per Week Leading Up To The Event. You Vote And The Winning DJ Earns Points. The Finals Will Happen During The Weekend And The Winning DJ Will Be Awarded $300

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